Actually Curious is the perfect game to play with your significant other today — or any day, really!

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I think we can all agree that the worst thing about meeting new people is the small talk that comes with it. It’s the least hot take in the world, but small talk honestly should be banned, right? Cool.

If you couldn’t guess by now, I’m not great at small talk. Actually, I’m downright terrible at it and generally like to avoid it. One of my major resolutions for 2022 was to form deeper connections with those I love beyond just saying that we’ll eventually catch up over drinks. An easy and genuinely fun way for me to follow through with my resolution is the Actually Curious card game.

The small, standard playing card-sized deck of cards is born from the brains of psychologists, journalists and game developers, so you know it’s a legit way to bond.

Whether you’re playing it at game night or just with your significant other on a cozy night in, the intimacy it creates is astounding — and, surprisingly, not nearly as uncomfortable as you would think.

Actually Curious: The Original Curiosity Edition, $24.99

Credit: Amazon

Founded by Michael Tennant, Actually Curious is not about winning or losing. Instead, the point is for players to get past the small talk and build a meaningful connection.

The aesthetic little pack of cards comes with 52 thought-provoking questions, and each color denotes a level of difficulty. The blue cards are the easiest to ask a room full of strangers, like, “What were the holidays like for you growing up?” Throughout the game, you work your way up to intimate red cards, which feature questions meant to push the party to deeper vulnerability and understanding.

“Bias. Judgment. We all have it,” Tennant explained in an interview with Inc. “It blinds us from the unknown that could be magical, that could be a differentiator — not the same stagnant stream everyone is swimming down right now.”

In creating the game (and his company, Curiosity Lab), Tennant’s goal was to “create a culture of the curious because that is where you get the most innovation.”

There’s so much more than just the one deck! The game also features multiple editions and bundles, so you can up the ante each time you play, like with this Starter Bundle! Featuring the Original Curiosity Edition (focusing on background, values and views) and the Happy Hour Edition (focusing on dreams, ambitions and memories), you can pick your deck based on the gathering and play with a little more edge.

Actually Curious Starter Bundle, $45

Credit: Amazon

But the expansion packs aren’t limited to just the original and the bundle! Shop all of them below, and get ready to earnestly have the best conversations with those you love and those you want to know.

Actually Curious: Happy Hour Edition, $24.99

Credit: Amazon

This edition includes questions that explore dreams, ambitions and cherished memories with friends, family and loved ones.

Actually Curious: Culture Edition, $24.99

Credit: Amazon

The Culture Edition helps players explore lived experiences through questions about the cultures they love.

Actually Curious: Human Rights Edition, $25

Credit: Amazon

Unlike the other three packs, this edition centers on diversity and inclusion, LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, mental health, and other human rights topics.

Actually Curious: The Icebreaker Bundle, $45

Credit: Madewell

For the ultimate party game, the Icebreaker Bundle includes the Culture Edition and the Happy Hour Edition.

Actually Curious: The Necessary Conversations Bundle, $45

Credit: Madewell

The Necessary Conversations pack comes with both the Human Rights Edition and the Original Curiosity Edition.

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