Add some glam to your makeup with these face jewels

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Get ready to sparkle! In this episode of Make Me Up, host Melanie Sutrathada (@melaniesutra) shows how to apply face jewels and crystals for a glamorous Euphoria-inspired look that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go! Face crystals might look difficult to apply, but don’t be intimidated! Melanie shows how simple this red carpet ready look truly is. 

Melanie begins by showing off two great products that you can use to create a bold and sparkly look. First, she shows the pearl face and body gems by e.l.f. She explains that these gems are a great option if you’re looking for versatility. “I love pearl face and body gems because they’re not just for some crazy thing on your eye, you can also put them on your body,” Melanie explains. “If you wanted to do a whole Karen from Mean Girls moment and like accidentally put a backwards K on your chest, boom. e.l.f. has got you.”

Next, Melanie shows how to apply face jewels by ColourPop. She notes that both the face jewels by ColourPop and pearl face and body gems by e.l.f. can be applied without any special tools. “You can actually pull these back with your finger. Like that’s how easy,” she says. “You don’t even need to use tweezers or other tools.”

However, Melanie decides to use tweezers while applying her face jewels in order to have a little extra precision in her placements. “I’m going to do a little half moon arch sort of above where that little crease would go,” Melanie says, gesturing at the crease above her eyelid but below her eyebrow. 

She pulls the first jewel off of the sheet and places it on her face. “I thought this was gonna be super complicated based on how beautiful they look,” she says after she places the first jewel.

“But woah, excuse me, ma’am. I just did one easy peasy.”

As she applies the rest of the gems to create the half moon above her eye, Melanie explains that the face jewels by ColourPop are versatile and reusable. “This kit from ColourPop has ten of the exact same sizes, so you could do this thing with these little rhinestones or you could do the same thing with hearts or stars,” she says. “Even after you’ve used them once, you can [use] lash glue in case the adhesive has worn off. So you’re going to get that bang for your buck.”

Once Melanie has placed the jewels over both of her eyes, she faces the camera and shows off the final look! She explains that the whole process was quick and easy, then concludes by encouraging viewers to experiment with their own looks. “You can do so many more things with these gems,” she says. “I personally love having one little rhinestone on the inner corner and kind of doing that as a going out or a date night look.”

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