Influencer slammed for wearing ‘ridiculous’ mask in public

The latest trend in influencer fashion is wearing masks that aren’t really masks.

During the pandemic, TikTok stars and young influencers have faced backlash for defying both CDC and city guidelines by attending parties, traveling and hosting gatherings. And now, it looks like some of these influencers have decided to take their defiance a step further by going out in public wearing face coverings that the CDC explicitly advises against.

Beauty mogul Nikita Dragun has been spotted out countless times sporting various face masks that don’t meet CDC guidelines. At this point, the influencer is so infamous for flouting the rules that it’s become something of a meme online.

The CDC recommends wearing a mask that has “two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric” and that “fits snugly against the sides of your face.” The organization also explicitly notes that it does not endorse the use of face shields, as their effectiveness against COVID-19 is still unknown.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Dragun from going out in public with only a face shield (or sometimes even less). And more recently, newly minted singer Addison Rae took a page out of her book and stepped out in New York City donning a similar shield that many compared to a wine glass.


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“Why does Addison Rae walk around with a huge wine glass in front of her face instead of just a simple mask which would look 100x less ridiculous?” one Twitter user asked.

“Is she not embarrassed?” another added.

“You don’t care about people’s health. Cut it out,” a third wrote.

Dragun and Rae are not the only celebrities who have hit the streets with inadequate face masks. In November 2020, singer Lana Del Ray appeared to wear a mesh face covering to an event with fans at a Barnes & Nobles and received an outpouring of criticism online. In December 2020, rapper Lil Pump was also banned from flying JetBlue after he refused to wear a mask.

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