Adelaine Morin runs the world’s ‘happiest YouTube channel’

“I had no idea at 13 that this would be the life that I have now,” YouTuber Adelaine Morin told In The Know.

Morin grew up outside of Toronto, Canada in what she described as a very creative household. She fell in love with YouTube in middle school and begged her parents to let her start her own channel, but the deal was she had to wait until she was 13.

Now, nine years later, Morin has over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

The road to her current success wasn’t easy for Morin. Throughout high school, she experienced a lot of bullying for her channel.

“Back then, being an influencer wasn’t a thing,” she said. “Nobody really cared that I had a YouTube channel and some people would make fun of me for it.”

Morin doesn’t resent those years or those bullies. She told In The Know that she feels like a lot of it came from other girls feeling like they had to bully Morin because of the stigma that girls are constantly in competition with each other.

“I would never wish what I went through on another person,” Morin said. That’s where her branding for “Girls supporting girls” came from.

“The only way us women rise is by lifting each other,” she explained.

Now Morin has formed a happy, positive, yellow-loving community online. For her, it’s great to hit a numerical milestone on the platform, but it’s more rewarding to meet fans and YouTube friends in real life.

It’s no wonder Morin starts out her videos with the greeting, “Welcome to the happiest place on the internet.”

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