Adele fan who kept missing concerts gets a happy ending

One Adele superfan has had the hardest time trying to see her idol in concert — but it may have all paid off.

Since 2016, Eleni Sabracos (@elenisabracos) has tried to see Adele three times, and each time there’s been an issue. Sabracos recounted all of her attempts in a viral TikTok.

“My friends and family had been following my journey to try to see Adele in concert since 2016 when I got fake tickets,” Sabracos told In The Know. “I made the video to basically let everyone know what was happening and it blew up.”

The clip has since amassed over 10 million views.



♬ original sound – Eleni

A year after buying the fake tickets, Sabracos bought flights to London to see Adele perform at Wembley Stadium.

“She canceled the show,” Sabracos said in the TikTok. “Mind you, I risked my life flying to London on this cardboard airplane called WOW Airlines that is now discontinued. The only thing ‘wow’ about it was it was surprising that the airplane could fly.”

Adele had canceled her last two shows after damaging her vocal cords.

Five years later, Adele dropped her newest album 30 and announced a Las Vegas residency. Sabracos’ brother surprised her with tickets to one of the Vegas shows.

But then, on Jan. 21, Adele postponed the start date of her residency — blaming COVID-related issues and delivery delays.

“I am in Vegas right now, and Adele canceled her show again,” Sabracos said.

Thousands of commenters couldn’t believe Sabracos’ bad luck, with some even joking that it seems like Adele “waits for you to buy the tickets, then cancels the show.”

“Remind us not to buy tickets to see Adele if you’re going to go,” one person wrote.

Sabracos’ TikTok was getting so much traction that she said she started to get recognized from the video at Adele’s merchandise store, which was still open at Caesars Palace despite the concert delays.

“I’m being recognized. ‘Are you the girl from TikTok?’ Hello, yes, it is me,” she joked in a follow-up video.



♬ original sound – Eleni

“Someone from her team recognized me and told me they all loved the TikTok and said Adele loved it too,” Sabracos told In The Know. “Then [they] turned their phone around and she was on FaceTime.”

One of Sabracos’ friends captured the surreal moment on video.

“I love you, I’m sorry. I love you!” she said to the singer, who was filmed on the other side of the FaceTime shaking her head at Sabracos’ apologies.

“I just FaceTimed Adele!” Sabracos shouted into the camera.

“She must feel so bad about having to postpone the show,” one person commented. “Talking to her on [FaceTime]!? What an amazing thing to do for her fan. She’s a class act.”

“This really is turning out to be a happy ending,” another concluded.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to blow up like this,” Sabracos told In The Know about the TikTok. “But I am so grateful and it turns out Adele canceling her show is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

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