Adorable 2-year-old is the most polite person on TikTok

Grey might be the most polite toddler in history — maybe it’s he’s so well fed. 

GreyandMama is a TikTok page devoted to the latest dish 2-year-old Grey’s mom is serving him up. And not only does his mom make him a variety of nutritious meals, but she also gets extra points for presentation! 

Most videos feature Grey receiving an elaborate plate from his mother, who’s out of frame. As his mother hands him each dish, his reply is almost always the same, “Thank you, mama.” Unless, he’s being handed a massive steak platter, of course. Then his response is simply, “Woah!”

Grey has some expert manners. Some of the dishes include pancakes arranged to look like a hopping bunny, a meat and veggie charcuterie, cereal with strawberries, ribs and veggies, a steak platter and runny eggs. 

“Guys. The steak platter is not his, the charcuterie board is not just for him, we are Asian — we all share EVERYTHING,” his mother clarified in the comment section

The compilation received a whopping 13.4 million views. Grey’s cuteness simply demands multiple rewatches. 

“The politest baby there ever was,” one user wrote

“Grey eats better than me!” another said

“I’ve never seen a toddler so polite, but also eat such good food!! Not just chicken nuggets. Lol. You’re a good mom,” one person wrote.

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