Adorable chocolate Labrador delivers groceries in Colombia

A Colombian mini-market has decided to ditch its human couriers for an 8-year-old dog.

El Porvenir sells produce and packaged foods to customers in Medellin. As the pandemic makes its way through the country, the market has let Eros, its chocolate Labrador take over delivery duties. The canine carries vegetables, fruits and other items in a straw basket held with his mouth to city residents. But Eros does have an agreement with the store, he’s paid in treats and massages.

“It’s a very smart dog, very peaceful, he makes deliveries during this really bad times, he has been on top of everything. When, by chance, I go to the store you can see him very busy making more deliveries. He is a wonderful dog,” customer Nora Elena Hernandez told the Associated Press.

Maria Natividad Botero, one of the market’s owners, begrudgingly took the dog in years ago. Her son begged Botero to adopt and soon after the entire family fell in love with Eros. When the family opened El Porvenir, Eros began accompanying Botero on deliveries.

While the dog can’t read street addresses, he can recall the names of customers who have given him treats. Now the family has trained him to go to their houses on his own.

As social distancing measures increase in Colombia, delivery service has become essential. And Eros is here to help.

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