Adorable, deaf French bulldog eats food with his paws like a human

Bluenjy, the Insta-famous and talented dog, has endeared the masses by eating with chopsticksgorging on burritos and gnawing on carrots — all by using his paws.

When Sunny Oshan, Bluenjy’s owner adopted the dog, it took her some time to realize he’s deaf. Eventually, she put it all together. This had to be the explanation for his strange behavior: Bluenjy liked to grab everything with his paws. 

“When I would hold him, he would grab my hands,” Oshan said according to Tree Hugger. “I thought that was strange.”

Then she realized Bluenjy could actually use his paws to grasp things. 

“I was kind of shocked in the beginning. I didn’t know what he wanted. He kept grabbing my hands. I thought maybe I should give him something to eat,” Oshan says. “I think it was a banana the first time. And he held it and ate it.”

Oshan believes that because Bluenjy is deaf, the dog wants to touch and taste more. It’s unusual, sure, but it’s a part of the dog’s charm. That’s why a video of the dog eating watermelon with his “dad” Evan Oshan scored over 157,000 views on Instagram

In the clip, Bluenjy and Evan wear matching blue shirts. Evan is upright in the chair and Bluenjy is cuddling right next to him. The Frenchie holds a slice of watermelon between his paws and nibbles at it, just like his dad

“This little buddy is so cute!” one Instagram user said.

“I am in love with this dog!!!” another wrote.

“It literally never gets old. He’s so cute and I don’t know how he never drops anything,” someone added.

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