5 adorable miniature recipes that are actually edible

Tiny food recipes, featuring videos of people using doll-sized kitchen sets with appliances and small food to make real meals, are taking over TikTok! While this method might not be the most efficient way to cook food, it’s one of the more entertaining. Here are five miniature recipes that are actually edible!

1. Mini steak and eggs

TikTok account Miniature Corner (@miniaturecorner) runs a tiny kitchen that looks as if it was taken straight from The Borrowers. And their recipe for mini steak and eggs is the perfect bite-sized meal for two. Who knew a petri dish was perfect for marinating?

2. Mini pizza

Throw a little pizza party with this recipe from TikTok user Minnie Bakes (@my.mini.bakes). For their pizza, Bakes uses all the traditional ingredients and toppings but on a much smaller scale. She forms the crust using a literal pinch of dough. Top it off with a teaspoon of sauce and a shred of basil, and then you’re ready to light a candle and bake!

3. Mini holiday cookies


We’re making teeny tiny Christmas cookies to celebrate winterbreak! #tinykitchen #tinythings #tinyfood #christmas #tiktokbakeoff

♬ Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

TikTok account Tiny Kitchen (@tinykitchentm) has garnered over 2 million followers for their miniature recipes that are all edible. These holiday cookies look as if they were made especially for Santa’s elves. Their vast array of tiny appliances make their recipes particularly entertaining to watch.

4. Mini onion bhaji

This onion bhaji recipe from TikTok user Sulu Miniature Kitchen (@sulu_miniature_kitchen) involves some serious prep. From chopping onions and peppers with a knife the size of a paperclip to frying them over a tea light, no task is too small for this kitchen. 

5. Tomato feta pasta

This tomato feta pasta recipe from Miniature Corner (@miniaturecorner) is a tiny take on the viral pasta dish. Cherry tomatoes and cubes of feta come in handy for this miniature meal. The only departure from ingredients you’d likely have in your regular-sized kitchen is a tiny box of pasta. Otherwise, you could even attempt this dish on your own!

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