Adorable toddler tries to work out like his athletic trainer dad

One little boy on Instagram is following in his father’s footsteps — literally.

Jaymari Williams, 3, got into fitness and athletics young — like, pre-toddler young — and a video of him doing ladder drills with his dad, Gino Williams, is making the rounds on Instagram and beyond, melting hearts in the process.

In the video, little Jaymari first watches his dad do some fancy footwork, stepping over rungs on a flat ladder. Then the toddler gets in on the action by moving his little feet over the rungs, too. Once he reaches the end, he follows up the drill by doing squats alongside his dad.

Cue the melting hearts.

While this video from 2018 is making the rounds again right before Father’s Day, it spotlights Jaymari’s continuing commitment to fitness, thanks to his athletic trainer dad, Gino, owns the Team Ignite youth fitness center in Southern California and posts workout videos and photos on Instagram.

Not only that, but Jaymari has his own Instagram account, too — parentally supervised by dad, of course. With nearly 10,000 followers, the “world’s most athletic toddler,” according to dad, is gaining a strong audience.

Whether he’s fast-stepping on a trampoline, speed training in the gym or strengthening his core, Jaymari is setting a high bar for toddlers (and even adults) when it comes to fitness.

And doing it alongside his dad makes the work even more special.

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