Nearly 150 arrested at ‘Adrian’s Kickback,’ a TikTok-famous party

Just shy of 150 people were arrested on May 22 in Huntington Beach, Calif., after thousands of people showed up for a party that went viral on TikTok.

Police said an estimated 2,500 people were present for “Adrian’s Kickback” — what was supposed to be a casual event that originated when a 17-year-old boy named Adrian posted about his birthday celebration earlier this week. The hashtag has since been viewed more than 270 million times.

“The power of TikTok is legit scary,” one commenter summarized.

Some people came from out-of-state — and even out-of-country — to attend.

Some of TikTok’s biggest stars, like Noah Beck, posted about the event. Some attendees said they heard big names like Charli D’Amelio and Bryce Hall were going to be there.

Video from the May 22 party showed crowds of people dancing, running through the streets, climbing structures and setting off fireworks in the road and on the beach.

“Pure chaos,” one videographer wrote.

A spokesperson from the Huntington Beach Police Department told BuzzFeed News it had been made aware of the party earlier in the week. Police declared the crowd an unlawful assemble just after 7 p.m. and instituted an emergency curfew beginning at 11:30 p.m.

Police arrested 121 adults and 28 minors on charges including vandalism, curfew violations and setting off illegal fireworks. Attendees allegedly threw rocks, bottles and fireworks at officers.

One attendee told BuzzFeed News the majority of the crowd was “focused on having a good time.” He added that “it was lit.”

The “real” Adrian told the New York Times he first posted about the party on Snapchat on May 18, meaning that word spread to millions of people across platforms in just four days.

“IDK who Adrian is, but that was wild,” one Twitter user wrote.

A year ago, multiple TikTok stars came under fire for partying during the pandemic. Two even faced charges over it. As states like California begin to ease restrictions on public gatherings, there’s no telling how many parties like Adrian’s Kickback could pop up.

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