Woman reveals the biggest ‘adult problem’ kids aren’t prepared for

A new TikTok trend has users sharing the biggest “adult problems” that no one prepared them for — and the results are so, so relatable.

The Stitch video trend was started by a user named Sam Van Horn (@samvanhorn). In his clip, the 22-year-old asked TikTokers to name a major problem that they’d never even considered as kids.

“What is an adult problem that no one prepared you for?” Van Horn asked.

Starting with his own example, the TikToker began to complain about just how fast fruits and vegetables expire — an issue he seemingly hadn’t faced before getting older and starting to buy his own groceries.

“I will buy an avocado and I won’t even have time to eat it before it goes brown!” Van Horn added.


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TikTok users quickly weighed in with their own lists of “adult problems” — ranging from the difficulty of scheduling a doctor’s appointment to the oddly high cost of buying throw pillows. One user, named Jocelyn (@jawsolyn), summed up a vast majority of adult problems in one simple statement.

“Why must I pay to exist?” Jocelyn asked in her clip’s caption.

The TikToker went on to list a wide range of “hidden fees” tied to adulthood — including paying for garbage, water, renter’s insurance, dental insurance, car maintenance and more.

“You have to pay for literally everything. Everything!” Jocelyn said in her video.


##stitch with @samvanhorn I DIDN’T ASK TO BE BORN WHY MUST I PAY TO EXIST ##fyp ##foryou ##millennialsoftiktok ##millennial

♬ original sound – Jocelyn C.

“Why does life have to be like this?” one user commented on Jocelyn’s video.

“Existing is so expensive,” another added.

“Welcome to the end of childhood,” another wrote.

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