These aesthetic scone recipes are straight from a storybook

Scones are sweet or savory baked goods that go perfectly with coffee or tea. And while they’re a traditional treat, scones don’t have to be boring. Thanks to TikTok and the increasing popularity of cottagecore, scones are having a woodland glow-up. Here are five aesthetic scone recipes straight from a storybook! 

1. Scones with herbs and wildflowers

TikToker Cristina Yin (@cristina_yin) is known for her whimsical cooking and DIY projects, and her scone recipe is no exception. After rolling out and molding the dough with a cookie cutter, she garnishes the scones with rosemary, dill, thyme and edible flowers. The finished product is a charming array of scones accompanied by a spread of clotted cream and jam. 

2. Homemade strawberry scones


homemade strawberry scones on a warm afternoon 🌞 comment if you want me to post the recipe #baking #cooking #aesthetic #food #fyp #duet

♬ tú by maye – stella

TikToker Stella’s (@surrealslice) recipe for strawberry scones is a visually striking montage of blended strawberries, lemon juice, flour, sugar, baking powder, sea salt, heavy cream and eggs. Once baked, Stella covers the fluffy, strawberry-speckled scones with a glaze made from powdered sugar, berry juice and more lemon juice

3. Cheese scones

TikToker Sophie (@hereatthecottage) has mastered the art of cozy living, and her recipe for cheese scones is a heavenly slice of country life. Sophie illustrates the recipe step by step using soft-spoken narration and warm visuals. She makes the dough using a mixture of flour, baking powder, salt, cayenne pepper, butter, cheese and milk. Once baked, she glazes the scones with a blend of milk and more cheese. Eat warm with lots of butter, and enjoy!

4. Mini blueberry scones


Mini Blueberry Scones 🥰 Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see the recipe video when it goes up. #cottagecore #fairycore #blueberryscones #baking

♬ Fairy Fountain – Super Guitar Bros

This three-part mini blueberry scone recipe from TikToker Julia (@flour_and_fauna) is its own cottagecore baking series. Part one involves a mixture of flour, frozen blueberries, milk, heavy cream and eggs. For part two, Julia rolls the dough while a string of fairy lights serve as a backdrop. Using a beautiful copper cookie cutter, Julia gingerly molds each scone into a circle and cuts it into four slices. For the finale, Julia places the scones on delicate floral plates before drizzling on a frosted glaze. 

5. English tea time scones


Reply to @spnshprincess a proper British cream tea with homemade scones of course! 🥰 #creamtea #scones #clottedcream #jam #aesthetic #british

♬ Liz on Top of the World Harp Cover – Hannah Stater

This video from TikToker Taylor Moore (@theresplentymoore) will make you feel as if you’re in an episode of The Crown. In addition to teaching viewers how to make scones with this recipe, Moore demonstrates how to properly serve them for teatime. Pull out the tea set, and don’t forget the clotted cream.

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