Mom’s list of age-appropriate chores and responsibilities has TikTokers in stitches

This parent on TikTok gives her kids chores according to their age, and viewers are losing it over the 4-month-old’s to-do list!

TikToker Maddie Kins (@maddie_kins) is a busy mom of three who often shares videos featuring family trips, tricks, and activities. In one of Kins’ videos, she shows how her kids’ chores pertain to their age, and viewers found it both funny and informative! 

The clip begins with the words “My kids’ age-appropriate chores and responsibilities,” typed over a shot of Kins’ three children, featuring a baby, a toddler, and a 7-year-old, seated on the couch. 

The footage cuts to a montage of her 7-year-old’s chores. The series of shots show him gingerly feeding the family pets, cleaning up the dishes from the table after a meal, cleaning his room, and helping tidy up the shared living areas. 

The montage of duties for Kins’ adorable 2-year-old includes helping mom sort the silverware, cleaning and sorting toys, and putting dirty clothes in the hamper. 

While the youngest member of Kins’ brood is only 4 months old, that doesn’t mean she’s off the hook when it comes to pitching in with chores

In the following footage, Kins shows how her 4-month-old gets her chores done while strapped to a baby carrier. 

From helping wash dishes to walking the dog, to watering the plants, Kins’ baby doesn’t even know how hard she’s working. 

In addition to finding Kins’ video adorable, viewers were also in hysterics over the 4-month-old’s to-do list. 

“Bro, why did I DIE when I saw that sponge in your baby’s hand,” one user laughed. 

“4-month-old is going to be doing your taxes by the end of this year,” another TikToker joked. 

“My 4-month-old starts his full-time job next week. He’s not gonna be happy to hear that he’s gotta do the dishes now too,” chimed in one parent. 

As Kins’ video shows, it’s never too early to start teaching kids the little ways that they can help.

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