TikToker detects 3 ‘ghosts’ in bedroom using popular AI manga filter: ‘I’m leaving’

People are using TikTok’s AI manga filter to detect ghosts in their rooms. 

The user @fesch6 scanned her bedroom with the effect. She was spooked to find quite a few so-called ghosts lurking around. The AI manga filter’s primary purpose is to convert real-life photos into manga-style artwork. 

At first, people would pop the filter over a selfie to see how they looked as an anime character. Not long after, TikTokers began converting images of other objects. Eventually, they started spotting “ghosts.” 

When @fesch6 used the AI manga filter around different areas of her room, she was stunned to find many of her household items were actually “ghosts.” 

First, a suitcase by the door transformed into an anime woman with a blue dress and pocketbook. Next up, she spotted a woman in her PJs sitting atop her mattress. The last ghost was another woman hanging out in the TikToker’s shower. 

“I’m leaving this room,” @fesch6 joked in the caption

The funny video racked up 2.8 million views on TikTok. 

“I did this and after I started fighting air,” a person wrote

“I found one in the Christmas tree,” someone added

“The filter creates its own thing so technically it’s not ‘ghost,'” another explained

“Did she just walk out with the ghost suitcase?” a user commented. 

“I had lots of anime girl ghosts in my bedroom too,” a TikToker replied

To get the AI manga filter, open the “Effect” gallery and search “AI manga filter.” Select the first option that appears, take a photo, and watch it convert into a manga-style image. 

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