AI-powered smart ring lets you control the world around you

The Aina Ring is the easiest and fastest way to control almost everything around you without taking your phone out.

The sleek, artificial intelligence-powered smart ring — which connects to your phone via Bluetooth — learns about your habits through its sophisticated behavioral AI in order to predict your next move and provide shortcuts for myriad activities, including controlling smart home devices, booking cabs and unlocking devices for you.

Plus, it’s beautiful.

Credit: Ania
Credit: Aina

The Aina Ring — which coyly bills itself as the “laziest way to control anything” — allows users to unlock doors and even start a pot of coffee with just the swipe of a finger. It can also read and understand your daily schedule, allowing it to not only know when you want to book a cab, but also where you want to go so you can book a car to the right place with one simple touch.

Aina also presents an easier way to take private phone calls in public — just place your fingertips near your ear and start speaking. Aina’s patent-pending Near Field Directional Sound Technology allows it to project focused sound toward your ear so that you are the only one listening in on your conversations.

According to the company’s Kickstarter, the ring is controlled using four swipe gestures in four different directions on the touch sensing area of Aina’s display. These swipe gestures are detected by a combination of touch sensors on the band’s surface and motion sensors inside the ring, which are controlled by algorithms that are trained and calibrated to your specific way of swiping on the ring.

Whenever you swipe on the ring, it will give off a subtle vibration as feedback, which also helps users avoid any accidental swiping (which can be cancelled with a quick swipe down at any time!).

Although the product isn’t available for purchase yet, over 166 backers have already pledged $39,583 on Kickstarter to help bring the project to life.

As improved networks continue to roll out — like Verizon’s ultra-fast 5G, which is a whopping 25 times faster than today’s 4G networks in the U.S. — and pave the way to more sophisticated AI experience, we can only expect the Aina Ring’s capabilities to expand before its hopeful launch.

Watch the futuristic gadget in action in the video above.

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