LinkedIn users test out AI professional headshots and are shocked by how realistic they are

If it feels like artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the world lately, it kind of is. AI tools can now generate speeches, write books and even turn people into their very own anime characters. But its list of capabilities doesn’t end there.

Recently, people have also started using AI to generate professional-looking headshots to put on their LinkedIn pages or in their portfolios — and they look so realistic you might not be able to tell that they aren’t the real thing.

In one example, posted by TikTok user @crysteldbright, the virtual interior designer shares multiple headshots she created simply by plugging some basic photos into a website and letting it do its magic.


How did they do? Would you post AI headshots on your LinkedIn?

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TikTok users were immediately blown away by the results.

“work smarter not harder,” one person wrote, calling her “a literal genius.”

“Girl they look GREAT to me!! I actually liked the first one the best!” another person complimented.

“I’ve seen a few of these now, and they actually turned out really really well… crazy well,” someone else shared.

Crystal’s post went viral, so she decided to share an easy tutorial on how she did it, explaining that the whole thing was fairly simple and only cost $17.


Replying to @undressjessaflux finally the AI headshot tutorial is here now that the website is back up!!#greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

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She later gave the service another try and came back with even more favorites.


After my tutorial video @crystaldbright I laid down and saw they were ready! Cant believe they came back so fast but tryitonai must be cooking with grease now. I love these ai headshots too and I am not sure if I like these or the first ones more! #greenscreen

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Crystal is far from the only person utilizing this technology, though. Other TikTokers have been sharing their results lately, too — with varying degrees of success.

Most have been pleasantly surprised by what they’ve gotten for just $17.


I hope this helps my linkedin profile get views. The site is Code TikTok50 for 50% #aiheadshots #aiheadshot #ai #headshots #linkedin #linkedinprofile @deeprestai

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AI headshots review. Lots of wonky lizardfaces and eyeballs facing the wrong way, a few great shots, lots of fun. Honestly 10/10 great use of $17 and a hilarious start to my day. @tryitonai #ai #aiheadshot #linkedin #linkedinhacks #funwithai

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As promised here were the best of my AI Professional Headshots with TryItOnAI….not too bad #WomenInTech #PlusSizeLuxury #FYP #AI #AIheadshots #WomenWhoWill

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But not everyone has been impressed.

Many users have also shared some AI “fails,” which could indicate that the technology isn’t exactly foolproof.


These were from done by the AI headshots photoshoots. I got a total of 134 photos and these were some of the worst ones. At first glance some dont look bad, but then if you pause and look at the details you will notice why its creepy. In one photo im bleeding at the gums and another i have 3 hands. Let me preface by saying I use photographers for all of my content and photography is a hobby of mine but i also work in tech. #AI is the future and its an imperfect technology. This video is a perfect example of why we need more people of color in this field and why photographers will still have a career. #BlackInTech#AI#AIheadShots#tryItOnAI#headshots

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Others just looked a bit fake, not like something you’d want on your LinkedIn page.

On the one hand, a lot of people have been applauding how good these photos turned out, saying that the ease and convenience of not having to visit a photography studio — as well as pay for hair and makeup and even a new outfit — is pretty sweet.

On the other hand, critics have noted some undeniable downsides to moving in this direction.

“these are nice but as a professional photographer this makes me sad,” one TikToker commented. “I fear our profession is in danger.”


How will AI or artificial intelligence impact the photography industry? I think in many incredible ways, and we better be ready for that. @crystaldbright 😍 These headshots are pretty good! As the original creator @crystaldbright explained, they were generated by an AI tool based on 25 simple selfies she uploaded to the tool. How will you, as a professional photographer, adjust to this innovation? Please share in the comments! #airevolution #aiinphotography #aiheadshots #artificialintelligence #aigeneratedheadshots #changesarecoming #artvestastudio

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In response, many people have countered that AI could never replace the need for photographers and could actually help enhance their work in the future.

What’s more, professional photo shoots — which can cost hundreds of dollars, if not more — are simply not affordable for a vast majority of people searching for jobs. For people on tighter budgets, AI technology like this can help grant access to better opportunities and upgrade their professional websites in a quick and economical way.

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