TikToker shares air fryer cleaning hack

TikToker Trace Alexander (@tracesoats) shared a brilliantly simple hack for cleaning your air fryer, but it had TikTokers debating its safety.

Alexander is a home chef who shares “easy healthy recipes” on TikTok. He is a big fan of air-frying food and recently shared a clever hack for cleaning his air fryer. The hack, which involves air-frying soapy water, had TikTokers divided and debating the relative safety of cooking water. 


You gotta save this 🤯 Also, you could j add tin foil to prevent the gunk #lifehack #airfry

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The video begins with Alexander standing next to his air fryer. A caption reads, “Air fryer hack.” 

He begins to demonstrate how he cleans his air fryer. He starts by removing the basket and shaking it out over a trash can.

Next, he pours dish soap into the basket in a spiral pattern. He fills the basket with water nearly to the brim so that it’s full of soapy water. 

Then Alexander places the basket back into the air fryer and runs the air fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes. 

After five minutes, Alexander removes the basket, revealing that the once-clean soapy water has turned brown and oily from all of the grime removed from the cooking device.

He pours the basket out into his sink, showing all of the bits of grime and food waste that the cleaning was able to remove. 

The video ends as Alexander rinses out the now-clean air fryer basket, revealing that it is now fully grime-free.

Use your air fryer as directed

Some TikTokers applauded Alexander’s creative air fryer hack, while others expressed doubts about its efficacy and safety. 

“Pouring out all the gunk is so satisfying every time,” one viewer wrote. 

“OMG I’m doing this right now,” another viewer commented. 

“This seems unsafe. I’m too scared to do this” one TikToker wrote. 

“This can cause an electrical fire. Don’t do this,” another commenter warned.

Before trying this air fryer method, consult your air fryer manual’s cleaning guide and use only as directed. While this hack might not be for everyone, it’s certainly creative.

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