Spending a ‘night in Hell’ sounds pretty great — thanks to this Airbnb listing

You’ve probably heard the phrase “welcome to hell” more than a few times this year — but this time, it’s a good thing.

That’s because the self-proclaimed mayor of Hell, Michigan (a very real place), is offering a slice of his “haunted” Airbnb property. The tiny home, literally called the “Gates of Hell,” will be available for three nights this October.

The listing is all thanks to John Colone, who has made his name as Hell’s unofficial mayor (the community is technically unincorporated, so it doesn’t have a “real” mayor). Colone’s description for the listing promises his guests a chance to “lord over the ghouls and goblins that call this haunted inferno home.”

Demonic imagery aside, the place seems pretty … great?

Credit: John Colone/Airbnb

Complete with a devil-red steeple, the tiny home offers a large bed, Hell-branded coffee and, of course, a fire pit. Colone has even promised to feed his guests — and provide them with compostable utensils (plot twist: Satan recycles).

“Don’t worry, it’ll be more than brains and eyeballs,” Colone promised of his meals.

There’s also plenty of haunted imagery to help guests get in the Halloween spirit: Jack-o’-lanterns, corn stalks and skulls abound at the home.

Credit: John Colone/Airbnb

The stay also comes with a bit of responsibility. As part of Colone’s offer, he’s promised to cede his self-proclaimed title for the night — meaning, as a guest, you’ll become the new mayor of Hell. The job comes with some perks, too.

“While in Hell, you’ll have access to the Mayor’s Lair and nearby grounds, including an outdoor movie theater and dining area that will be available to you and your guest only,” the listing states.

Apparently, being mayor is pretty great. The community has been offering the chance to be “mayor for a day” for years now. Previously, the opportunity came with an official badge, a coffee mug and a slew of other goodies — instead of a literal lair.

Jason Keefe, a former mayor of Hell, told In The Know that his experience was “the wildest day” of his life.

“It was an unexpected thrill to be honored by my community of manic miscreants on my birthday,” he added. “Unfortunately, my performance as mayor did not meet Hell’s lofty standards, resulting in my immediate removal from office.”

Credit: John Colone

For those who are interested, booking for the Gates of Hell opens at 12 p.m. (EST) on Oct. 14. Guests can choose to stay on Oct. 18, 21 or 24, and only two visitors are allowed at a time. Check out the full listing for more details.

Additionally, Colone warns that guests should come prepared for chilly temperatures.

“Believe it or not, Hell can freeze over. Don’t forget to dress for the weather!” he wrote.

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