Airbnb guest makes ‘dreadful’ discovery after checking in to his rental in Denmark

An Airbnb guest is raising plenty of eyebrows after sharing alleged footage from a trip to Denmark.

TikTok user named Eryk Sawicki (@peregrine_coast) posted the clip in early May. The video, which has now drawn over 120,000 views, features a series of discoveries that Sawicki called “dreadful.”

Above all, though, was Sawicki’s seeming realization that his rental doubled as a massage studio.

His video, originally filmed in 2019, is part of an ongoing trend on TikTok. As of late, users have shared their weirdest and worst Airbnb stays.

Recently, another TikToker shared a video of the time they realized they’d accidentally booked a stay inside a pizza parlor. Another user posted their stay in New Orleans, which turned out to be a converted law office. Before that, a vacationer discovered an entire abandoned mall beneath their rental.

Sawicki’s rental was listed as a “spacious one-bedroom condominium,” according to his caption. What he allegedly found, however, was a little different.

After explaining his long search for a functional light switch, Sawicki went on to show a large curtain dividing the middle of the Airbnb. Behind it, he found what appeared to be a massage table.

That didn’t seem to bother Sawicki, though. But what did frustrate him was the bathroom, which seemed to have no shower or drain. Instead, Sawicki’s host allegedly left him a big bucket and a sink with an extendable faucet head.

Commenters had plenty to say about the Airbnb.

“Is there a bed or is it just the massage table?” one user asked.

“LEAVE! Get a hotel room, get money back claim started and never use airbnb again lol,” another added.

“At least it was clean,” another wrote.

Sawicki wrote in the comments that the rental did in fact have a separate bedroom, which was “actually pretty comfy and cozy.”

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