Airbnb customer shares how she found out she had booked a stay inside a pizza parlor

A TikToker shared the strange revelation she made after checking into an Airbnb in the Netherlands.

The viral video comes courtesy of Ashtyn Barbaree (@ashtynbarbaree), a musician based in Arkansas, who reported that she and her band discovered they would be staying in a pizza restaurant during a tour.

Her clip is just the latest in a long lineage of bizarre Airbnb experiences shared on the app.

In one instance, a user recorded footage of the abandoned mall she discovered beneath her rental unit. In another, a group of TikTokers shared how their New Orleans Airbnb was apparently a former law office.

Barbaree called her experience “horrible,” and claimed that her Airbnb host had used “misleading” photos. It wasn’t until check-in that they realized where they would be sleeping.

“Our Airbnb is actually a pizza restaurant,” she captioned the post, along with the hashtag #falseadvertising.


One time on tour in The Netherlands we stayed two nights in a functioning pizza restaurant. They had taken misleading pictures for airbnb showing different spaces in a house, when in reality all 5 beds were squished into the same room in the back of a public restaurant. Also, our room had a glass door and the owner kept looking at us. Horrible experience. #pizzahouse #misleading #airbnbexperience #restuarant #2019 #falseadvertising

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Overall, Barbaree reported her frustration with the experience. As she wrote in her post, she and her band were confined to a small room with five beds “squished together,” and privacy was not a feature of the stay. “Our room had a glass door and the owner kept looking at us,” she wrote.

That said, the band tried to make the best of things. The clip shows one of her bandmates making some use of the kitchen.

“Nothing was open after the show, so we made pizzas,” her caption read.

TikTokers reacted with a mix of humor and shock.

“That kitchen looks dirty,” one user wrote.

“Should have filmed a music video in the off hours,” another joked.

Barbaree didn’t specify when her stay took place, although she used the hashtag #2019 in her post. She did not specify where the Airbnb was — or whether the pizza was any good.

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