Airbnb reveals hottest destinations to visit in 2020

With the first day of 2020 just a few weeks away, we are already brainstorming where we will want to travel over the next year.

From tropical hotspots to towns brimming with historical significance, there are plenty of fascinating places that we’re eager to visit. Luckily for us, Airbnb is helping us to narrow down our list of dream vacations by sharing their forecast for the 20 destinations that everyone should visit in 2020.

According to the vacation rental company, 2020’s hotspots will “be rooted in a growing interest in lesser-known and eco-conscious cities and countries across the world (based on Airbnb booking data).”

Whether you want to walk along the cliffs of Aberdeen, Scotland, lay on the beaches of Vanuatu or explore the city of Xi’an, China, you can’t go wrong when you decide to visit any of these cities. Keep reading through to find out which locales Airbnb suggests for a trip in 2020.

1. Milwaukee, WI, US

“The host of next year’s Democratic National Convention, this historic gem on the shores of Lake Michigan has a terrific bar and restaurant scene and fascinating cultural attractions.” -Airbnb

2. Bilbao, Spain

“Bilbao’s transformation from rust belt city to flourishing culture hub is truly remarkable. Next year, Bilbao will also become a top destination for sports fans: it’s one of the host cities of Europe’s most beloved soccer competition.” -Airbnb

Bilbao, Spain. Courtesy Airbnb

3. Buriram, Thailand

“The rural province of Buriram is home to some of Thailand’s most treasured Khmer relics. Its best known monument is the incredible Phanom Rung complex which is comparable in grandeur to its Cambodian neighbor, Angkor Wat.” -Airbnb

4. Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

“A short drive northwest of Melbourne, the suburb of Sunbury is a popular spot with savvy locals thanks to its wildlife, wineries and Victorian-era architecture.” -Airbnb

5. Romania

“With its pristine hills and ancient rural villages, Romania is the perfect destination for anyone looking for something off-the-beaten-track – plus it has some of the best preserved virgin forests in Europe.” -Airbnb

Romania. Courtesy Airbnb

6. Xi’an, China

“Often cited as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Xi’an is best known as the home of the terracotta warriors — a vast collection of prehistoric clay soldiers discovered by in 1974.” -Airbnb

7. Eugene, OR, US

“Thanks to the surrounding natural beauty, Eugene has long attracted eco-conscious newcomers many of whom have helped make the city a hub for the organic food industry.” -Airbnb

8. Luxembourg

“Luxembourg has an enchanting historic core, dramatically perched on a clifftop. The country’s forested hills are home to medieval castles, rocky gorges, charming villages and superb vineyards.” -Airbnb

Luxembourg. Courtesy Airbnb

9. Guadalajara, Mexico

“Guadalajara’s green credentials are also worth noting: the local government has embarked on an initiative that encourages cyclists and pedestrians to reclaim public spaces normally dominated by cars.” -Airbnb

10. Vanuatu

“Almost 2,000 miles west of Australia, this picturesque archipelago nation is home to rugged islands, deserted beaches and stunning Pacific wildlife.” -Airbnb

11. Cali, Colombia

“The world’s salsa capital not only offers energizing local music and dance, its rich Afro-Colombian heritage has also infused the city with a distinctive caleño culture.” -Airbnb

12. Cape Canaveral, FL, US

“This Floridian cape offers an incredible 72 miles of beachfront and three significant protected areas.” -Airbnb

13. Aberdeen, Scotland 

“Aberdeen, located in northeast Scotland, is known as the Granite City thanks to the gleaming white stone that much of the city has been built with.” -Airbnb

Aberdeen, Scotland. Courtesy Airbnb

14. Courtenay, BC, Canada

“Surrounded by rolling mountains, alpine meadows and bohemian villages, Courtenay is another favorite with the eco-conscious traveler.” -Airbnb

15. Ubatuba, Brazil

“With over 100 beaches, Ubatuba is the undisputed surfing capital of São Paulo state and hosts numerous surf championships throughout the year.” -Airbnb

16. Les Contamines-Montjoie, France

“Nestled between the well known resorts of Chamonix and Megève, Les Contamines is the ideal base for mountain climbing in summer or for skiing in winter.” -Airbnb

17. Tokyo, Japan

“While Tokyo might not be off-the-beaten track, it has secured a place in our top trending list in part because of the upcoming Summer Olympics.” -Airbnb

Tokyo, Japan. Courtesy Airbnb

18. Kerala, India

“With its palm-lined coast, rolling coffee plantations and stunning Arabian Sea views, Kerala is an oasis of calm in a country that moves at a busy pace.” -Airbnb

19. Malindi, Kenya

“Dotted with brawny palms, this historical Kenyan port town introduces travelers to the country’s diverse aquatic wildlife, making it an idyllic spot for divers.” -Airbnb

20. Maastricht, Netherlands

“In 20th position is Maastricht, a Dutch city with a wealth of historic buildings — more than any Dutch city outside Amsterdam.” -Airbnb

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