Airbnb guest creeps out TikTok with alleged discovery in rental home

A TikToker is freaking out viewers after he claimed to have discovered a secret room behind an air vent in the Airbnb where he was staying.

TikTok user @hebobada** claimed in his video that he suspected something was off when he showed up to the Airbnb and the owners “thought [he] was going to be female.” He claimed they were surprised to see him checking in.

“They were really shocked I was a male,” he wrote.

But then, things got weirder.

“When I was [asleep] in the middle of the night, I kept hearing a noise from [the air vent] and felt like I was being watched,” he added. “Then I looked [and saw] this the next morning.”

In his video, he zooms in through the air vent’s openings to reveal an apparent dark, hidden room.

“Y’all be careful out here,” he wrote in a caption. Although the TikToker did not specify where his Airbnb was, he used a hashtag for Richmond, Va.

The video has been watched over 1.6 million times. There’s no evidence the TikToker was actually being watched or filmed while he was sleeping, or even that anyone had been in that hidden room. Still, it seems the footage was just too spooky not to share.

“You just gave me the creeps omg,” one user commented.

Another user tried to suggest that perhaps the room was a spare bedroom, where the hosts stayed while they rented out their Airbnb. However, @hesobada** shot that idea down.

“I had the whole apartment,” he explained. “The way it was set up, you [would] never know a room was behind that air vent until you looked through it.”

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