TikTok sides with passenger over ‘childish’ fight for airplane window

There’s a saying about how in every story, there are three sides: Your side, their side and the truth. That can be true — except when someone films everything and uploads it to TikTok, in which case those TikTok viewers pretty much decide the truth.

Will Mantley duetted a video on TikTok after enduring a tense flight. The original footage was uploaded by the passenger sitting behind him on a flight, although Mantley did not tag the passenger’s TikTok handle in his video.

“I was the guy in the seat in front of her,” Mantley captioned his TikTok. “Who was right in this situation?”

In the clip, which now has a whopping 18.5 million views, Mantley fights with an unidentified passenger over the window next to him.

“Can you just keep it shut please?” the person behind the camera asked Mantley as he pulls up the window shade at the beginning of the video. “I’m trying to sleep.”

“I want it up,” Mantley said in response. “I want it up. I like to see where we’re going.”

The passenger then pushed the button to call for a flight attendant.

When that didn’t scare Mantley, the passenger told him to “put it down,” adding that, “you don’t own this plane.”

“I’ll be here all day,” Mantley responded.

I’ll be here all day,” she replied. “You’re being childish.”

According to a follow-up storytime TikTok from Mantley, the flight was headed for Colorado and took place right before the holidays. In that clip, Mantley claimed that a flight attendant did show up to settle the dispute and offered the woman an eye mask, to which the woman declined because she “doesn’t like the feeling.” Eventually, Mantley claimed, the woman was moved to the back of the plane.


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“The flight attendant came up and apologized for that issue that I had with her and I had a good rest of the flight,” Mantley said. “Fast forward to a couple of days ago, I was scrolling through TikTok and this meme page had posted … the video.”

TikTok was not at all divided on who was wrong and who was right in the situation.

“That’s your window. You paid for that seat,” one commenter wrote. “I think you handled this in the best way possible!”

“She really had the audacity to say ‘you don’t own the plane’ uhhh … neither do you,” another added.

“Bro she was harassing you,” another wrote.

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