TikToker shares hack for getting ‘movie theater level’ sound with AirPods

A teenager is going viral on TikTok after sharing her “hack” for watching movies with AirPods.

The simple trick was shared by a user named Aubry, who claims her method makes it sound “like you’re in the movie.” For anyone who’s spent the majority of the year longing for movie theaters to re-open, it’s a welcome sight.

Aubry’s video has drawn more than 10 million views and plenty of praise from other users.

“So cool!” the teen captioned her clip.


So cool!! ##fyp ##foryou ##dracotok

♬ Producer Man – Lyn Lapid

In the clip, Aubry alters her AirPods’ settings through the control panel on her iPad — which is similar on iPhones,\ too. She turns on the “transparency” and “spatial audio” settings, which allegedly recreate a cinematic, surround sound-type experience.

There are a few hangups with the hack though. Apparently, the spatial audio settings are only available for AirPods Pro owners, as regular AirPods don’t have those features.

Still, one commenter claimed the difference doesn’t matter, explaining how to replicate the hack with a traditional pair of AirPods.

“For regular AirPod people: 1. Settings 2. Accessibility 3. Audio/Visual 4. Mono audio off,” the user wrote.

It’s worth noting that turning mono off just means you’re accessing stereo audio, meaning you can hear different sounds in both ears. It’s not the same as the settings available on the AirPods Pro, but it helps some.

Besides, in a year when most people haven’t visited a movie theater in seven months, maybe “helps some” is good enough.

If you’re not the biggest AirPods fan, check out our round-up of some different (and cheaper!) alternatives.

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