Woman sparks family drama after refusing sister’s ‘narcissistic’ request: ‘I’m finally standing my ground’

A woman doesn’t want to go on vacation with her big sister due to past drama.

She second-guessed declining the offer and shared her experience on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum.

The woman lives in California and her older sister lives overseas. Her sister plans to vacation in California and Hawaii for a trip.

The last time the sister visited, she took advantage of the Reddit poster’s finances, apartment and car. This time around, the Reddit poster is refusing to vacation with her. 

“I don’t really get along with her and I’m not super excited she’s coming here,” the Reddit poster wrote.

“She visited California twice in 2018 and both times she stayed with me in my apartment. And it was complete hell. She treated me like I was a guest in my own apartment, insulted me and my friends multiple times and would have fits if I didn’t want to do something she wanted to.”

Her post continued, “She also ‘borrowed’ my car and put 1000 miles on it in two weeks, put 87 when it needed 89, and went through a toll road without telling me so I had to pay the penalties. It was complete hell having her over.”

The Reddit poster didn’t want to relive the previous visit and put her foot down this time around. 

“I’m already getting in trouble by my parents for not letting her stay in my apartment or use my car while she’s here in June,” the Reddit poster said.

“They’re trying to say that it’s been a rough year for her (spousal issues and custody drama) and she deserves a break. I’m finally standing my ground and saying no. She texted me asking if I could go to Hawaii with her or San Francisco and I told her no.”

She continued, “Not only do I not want to take time off of work for her but because last time I took a trip with her, she promised to split the hotel room and I ended up paying the full price of the trip. I still don’t want to go but maybe I’m being insensitive to everything she’s been through?” 

Reddit users thought the younger sister was justified.

“Your sister’s personality sounds like the reason she’s having a rough year — a spiteful, entitled, narcissistic AH,” one person wrote.

“Your sister is really toxic and your parents are enablers for her behavior,” another said.

“She is just being a complete mooch,” someone commented.

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