Woman enraged after learning new details about her 25th wedding anniversary: ‘I am feeling really bitter’

A woman can’t believe her father-in-law hijacked her anniversary getaway.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum to weigh in. She and her husband planned their 25th-anniversary vacation as the honeymoon they initially missed. But then her father-in-law invited himself and a few other family members on the trip. 

“So my husband and I started planning for a nice trip for our 25th wedding anniversary,” she explained. “We decided on a destination, booked flights, entertainment and restaurants. I think my husband was excited, and when he spoke to his mom, he gave her all the details of our trip.

“Not even an hour later, his father calls back and proceeds to invite himself and my mother-in-law to our trip. I took a deep breath, decided it wouldn’t be so awful and chose to just roll with the idea they will be going with us. “

But this wasn’t the last problem the father-in-law would cause for the couple. 

“Skip ahead to this month. Our trip is less than a few weeks away, and my brother-in-law calls to say he and his wife are really looking forward to the trip. WTF. I am losing my mind now asking who invited them. Do they even know it’s our anniversary?!” she said

“Turns out, my father-in-law invited them because he forgot it was our anniversary. He was sorry, but what could he do? I am no longer excited. This has turned into a family trip, and all the romantic times I was looking forward to no longer seem possible. Would I be the a****** if I just opted out of the trip completely? I am feeling really bitter and resentful towards my husband and his family.”

Redditors thought the poster had a right to be upset. 

“Your husband needs to grow a spine,” a user said

“Your husband should have been the one to say no from the start,” another said

“Your romantic vacation should not include the whole family,” someone wrote

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