Woman calls out boyfriend for ‘exposing’ her at-home cooking habits: ‘[She] shouldn’t expect you to lie’

A man is wondering if he threw his girlfriend under the bus during a family dinner. 

He shared the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A*******? (AITA)” forum. While at dinner with his girlfriend Madison’s family, the matter of household chores came up. He revealed that Madison never cooked and rarely did chores. Then Madison became furious with him. 

“Me, my girlfriend Madison, her parents, her sister [and her sister’s] husband and her younger brother all met up for dinner,” he wrote. “Me and Madison have been together three years, so I know these people very well. Their family is very traditional and outgoing. They really enjoy roasting each other and have a very open family in terms of what they talk about.” 

“So her sister was bringing up her love of meal prepping and cooking for her husband, and how much she loved working from home because she could cook so much more for them. Madison’s mom then asked if Madison ever cooked for us. We live together and I do basically everything. I cook, I do all the cleaning, most of the laundry and shopping. Madison takes the trash out.”

When Madison insisted she did, he didn’t want to lie, so he corrected her, not thinking it was a big deal

“It’s the truth; I’ve been with Madison for three years and she’s never cooked a single thing for us,” he explained. “I don’t care – I’m not with her for her cooking – but I didn’t feel like lying to her parents either. Madison’s mom gave a disappointed look to Madison.”

“On the way home, Madison was being standoffish, so I asked what was wrong, and she went on this whole rant about how I didn’t need to ‘expose’ her in front of her family. I said I didn’t realize I said anything that was a secret. She kept going on and on about how just because her sister likes being a housewife doesn’t mean she needs to be one. I said if the truth being told to her parents was such a problem for her, then she knows where the pans are and she can start cooking.”

Redditors thought the boyfriend was reasonable in the situation. 

“Madison shouldn’t expect you to lie to her family,” a user commented

“If she’s embarrassed by not cooking, it seems like there is a deeper problem she needs to address,” another wrote

“You told her the truth,” someone said

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