New mom faces backlash over her ‘entitled’ baby photo demands: ‘She waited too long’

A photographer refused to do a newborn photo shoot when she felt the child might be endangered. 

The photographer explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. She (the photographer) gave a friend a coupon for a newborn photo shoot, which must be done within the first 10 days of birth. Otherwise, the poses could hurt the baby. But the friend waited too long and demanded the photo shoot be done at 4 weeks old. 

“I do photography as a side business,” she explained. “My specialty is newborn babies, but I happily photograph kids and babies of any age. However, newborn photo shoots have to be done in the first seven to 10 days. Babies older than that fight the poses too much for it to be done safely, and I refuse to do anything that could hurt the baby.

“One of my good friends had a baby three weeks ago. At her baby shower in January, I gave her a cute little coupon for a free newborn shoot. This wasn’t part of her gift but, rather, a friendly gesture since it’s her first baby, and I had done the same thing for her sister a few years ago. When the baby was born, I congratulated her and asked her when she wanted me to take the pictures.”

But the new mom took too long to reply, and the window for the photo shoot closed. 

“She never answered me until a couple of days ago and asked if next weekend was OK,” the photographer wrote. “I took a little while to think of a response and ended up calling her to explain that the baby is too old now to safely do a newborn shoot but that I would be happy to come and take some family photos and maybe do a 1-month mini session with a couple of cute outfits.

“She complained that I should still do the newborn poses since that’s what I told her I would do before the baby was born and that she wanted pictures of her baby like I took of her sister’s baby. I said, again, that I wasn’t comfortable doing something that wouldn’t be safe for the baby; and that I took the pictures of her sister’s baby when it was 4 days old, not 4 weeks old, that the situation would be different if the baby was still actually a newborn.”

Redditors thought the mom was being unreasonable. 

“She sounds entitled and more concerned with images than the baby’s safety,” a user wrote

“It sounds like she doesn’t want to accept that she waited too long,” another said

“You were upfront about the conditions and have good reasons not to go back on them,” someone added

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