Woman ‘disgusted’ by boyfriend’s response to her housecleaning request: ‘That’s how he views women?’

A woman gave her boyfriend an ultimatum after he refused to clean up after himself and his son. 

She shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her boyfriend and his son recently moved in with the poster and her daughter. But the men of the house refused to clean up after themselves. When she confronted her boyfriend about it, he refused to change. 

“I have an 11-year-old daughter,” she explained. “I work full-time as a vet. I am lucky to be able to afford to pay a cleaner to come once per week to clean the house and do laundry. This allows me to have free time in the evenings to spend with either my daughter or do volunteer work for our local shelter. 

“My partner of four years and his 17-year-old son recently asked to move in with me as I own my own four-bedroom home, while he rents, so that he could save a deposit faster. They agreed to clean up after themselves, and my partner has been contributing to the household expenses.”

But the father and son seemed to refuse to clean up after themselves. 

“The problem is that they have not been cleaning up after themselves, which is leading to my daughter picking up their slack regarding chores and my cleaner charging me for additional time,” the mom wrote. “Prior to them moving in, she was here for about two hours every Monday. Since they have been here, she has been here for five to six hours per Monday.

“I said to my partner that they needed to pick up the slack as it’s annoying my daughter, and I’m the one who ends up footing the bill. He threw a fit and said he didn’t have time to clean (he works half as many hours as I do), that I’m too ‘lazy’ to clean and pay a cleaner (so why should he clean either), and that his son was a boy, so it was natural for him to not be as clean or do chores like my daughter. I said I was disgusted with his attitude and that he had to make a change immediately or move out. He and his son ended up leaving for his parents’ place.” 

Redditors sided with the mother on this one. 

“That’s how he views women??? He can get out,” a user wrote

“He needs to be permanently thrown out,” another said

“You saw his sexist, lazy attitude for what it was and told him to change it or leave, and he chose to leave. Good riddance,” someone commented

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