Mom slams boyfriend for making parenting decisions without her permission: ‘I feel like I might have overstepped’

A man is wondering if he crossed the line when he parented his girlfriend’s daughter. 

He shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. His girlfriend and her daughter, Emika, moved in with him recently. One day, Emika woke up sick. When he couldn’t get in contact with his girlfriend, who was at work, he let Emika stay home from school. Then, his girlfriend accused him of making her look like a “bad mom.” 

“My girlfriend has a daughter, Emika, and recently they moved to my place,” he wrote. “My girlfriend works every day at her office while I still work from home. My stepdaughter doesn’t spend much time at home; she is usually out with her friends, so we don’t have a really close relationship.

“Last Friday, my girlfriend went to work as always, and I stayed home. My stepdaughter came to me in the morning and told me her stomach was hurting. She was literally crying in pain, so I called my girlfriend to see what I should do. I called a few times, but she wouldn’t pick up.” 

When he wasn’t able to reach his girlfriend, he had to make a choice about Emika’s health. 

“My stepdaughter was crying, and she never skips school, so I thought that her staying home one day wouldn’t be a big deal,” he said. “Huge mistake. When my girlfriend came home, she went crazy! [She] started screaming at me about how I’m not allowed to make parenting choices for her, how her daughter is not allowed to skip school, and how I should have asked her first because she is the parent here.” 

“It was a whole mess. As of today, she is still extremely mad and accusing me of parenting her child and making her look like ‘a bad mom’ (which was never my intention at all). My stepdaughter is still sick, so I know she wasn’t faking it, but I feel like I might have overstepped.”

Redditors sided with the poster on the complicated issue. 

“You tried to reach your girlfriend, and she didn’t answer. What were you supposed to do, send a crying sick kid to school?” a person said

“Your girlfriend is being unnecessarily unreasonable,” another wrote

“You kept a sick kid home. Nothing wrong with that,” someone commented

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