Woman blown away by boyfriend’s reaction to her ‘girls’ night’ tradition: ‘This is a major red flag’

A woman doesn’t understand why her boyfriend doesn’t want her to spend time with her friends.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to weigh in. After she told her new boyfriend that she planned on having a girls’ night, he totally lost it. He accused her of being misogynist and sexist, but she still isn’t sure if she messed up or not. 

“I’ve been seeing this guy Will for months now,” the Reddit poster said. “He’s so sweet and funny and creative. We don’t live together, but we do meet at my place every weekend. He called and asked what we would be doing on Friday, and I said I wanted to host a GNI (girls’ night in) since it was my turn. He got quiet then asked if I was being serious. I was confused as he started talking about how outdated and so 1950s those events are and said that I should stop promoting and advocating for those events as they are so toxic and flat-out reek of misogyny. I was shocked by his long rant, but he said it was his honest opinion. I told him I still plan to host the event. He tried talking me out of it and suggested we go out together. He suggested bringing his guy friends to join us, and I refused since this is not how GNIs work!”

The boyfriend continued to insult her and accuse her of misogyny. 

“He called me sexist and misogynistic for having a girls’ night in and making it so obvious instead of being ashamed of myself,” she explained. “He said that my mentality will cause me issues in the future, especially if I behave like this in a professional work setting. Let me tell you, I was BLOWN AWAY by how he got so worked up over me just missing my girls and wanting to spend time with them. We argued some more, and he hung up on me after I said I would not stop hosting or being part of GNIs, no matter what he says about it. I tried to call and apologize for lashing out later, but he sent a text saying he was hurt by how I handled our small disagreement and needed time to process what he just found out about my personality. This hurt me, but my friendships and the bonds I share with my girlfriends is huge. I don’t want to risk years of friendships by no longer being part of our bonding activities.”

Redditors thought the boyfriend’s behavior was awful.

“This is a major red flag on top of other red flags,” someone commented

“What is misogynistic is men encroaching on women’s spaces with no regard for their needs,” a user wrote.

“He sounds insecure and controlling,” another said

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