Woman catches boyfriend ‘breaking’ into her holiday home: ‘Definitely call the police’

A woman couldn’t believe what her boyfriend did with her vacation home

Her boyfriend’s brother has four children. When the brother and his wife asked if they could live in her holiday home, she denied their request. But the next thing she knew, they were moving into the property. She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice.

“I inherited a holiday home from my grandma some time ago,” she wrote. “My boyfriend’s brother recently had his fourth child. He and his wife currently live in a two-bedroom apartment. Three days ago, they were both over at mine and my boyfriend’s house with all their kids. My boyfriend’s brother eventually mentioned how I have my holiday home and how it has more than enough space for him and his wife to raise their four kids.

“My exact response was, ‘Yeah, but I’m not gonna let you live there, so.’ He went quiet after that, and his wife started to collect their kids and their things. They left about 10 minutes after. Fast forward to yesterday. I wake up for work. When I’m finally about to walk out the door, I go to grab my keys and notice my holiday home’s keys are gone.” 

The woman couldn’t have predicted what her boyfriend would do with the keys. 

“So I call my boyfriend,” she explained. “The conversation went: ‘Hey, have you seen my other house’s keys?’ ‘Yes, I have them.’ ‘Cool. Why have you got them, though?’ ‘Grabbed them by accident. I’ll return them when I’m back from work.’ Midway through my workday, I get a notification from the house’s security system. I open it and find my boyfriend, his brother and his family all outside the door with a moving van in the back. I was fuming.

“When I got home, my boyfriend was already there, acting as if everything was normal. I started screaming at him, asking why the hell he’d move a family into MY house without my permission. He tried to justify it and say he ‘had to help his family,’ but it honestly just made me angrier. I told him that we were over [and that] he has one day to get his brother and his family out of my house, or I would call the police on them all for trespass[ing].”

Redditors thought the boyfriend crossed the line. 

“[That’s] breaking and entering. Definitely call the police,” a user wrote.

“Call the cops and kick [the] boyfriend out. Toxic, toxic, toxic,” another said

“That’s not your family, so not your responsibility,” a person commented

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