Woman taken aback by boyfriend’s ‘demeaning’ off-handed insult: ‘Apologize for what you said’

A couple is fighting over each other’s careless behavior toward one another. 

The boyfriend explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His girlfriend continues to ruin his kitchen knives by misusing them. One day he became frustrated with her and made a crass comment about her intelligence. The next day, she accused him of being abusive. 

“So a bit of backstory, my girlfriend once used my nice kitchen knife to open a coconut, lo and behold the knife ended up disfigured and ruined,” he explained. “It was a funny moment which I blew off. I recently bought new knife replacements, and she decided to use one of them to open super glue and cut the tip off. I ended up finding the knife on the kitchen chopping board with glue all stuck to it and the chopping board. Obviously, I’m p***** the knives are a week old. I comment saying it was careless and stupid, visibly frustrated. Then I said, ‘next time, use your brain.'” 

The girlfriend was offended by his rude comment and confronted him about him later on. 

“She clearly got upset at this comment and then decides to ignore me for the rest of the day,” he wrote. “I try to move past it and make us lunch, but she continues to act the same way. I make a comment saying I know you’re pissed about what I said but let’s move on. She refuses to move on, wakes up this morning and she wants to talk about what happened, tells me, ‘you’re not going to like what I’m going to say,’ and proceeds to compare me with her father and calls me abusive.” 

Reddit users thought both parties involved were being inappropriate. 

“She should have thought that through, but you did choose words that were especially demeaning,” one person commented

“Talk to her about it because she’s upset and she is your girlfriend, but there is no need to apologize for what you said,” another wrote. 

“You’re adults, and there are MUCH better ways to handle this whole thing,” someone added.

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