Woman troubled by boyfriend’s ‘massive’ financial request: ‘I would end this relationship’

A woman’s boyfriend is furious at her for spending money on breast augmentation and not him. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. She has $55,000 in savings. When her boyfriend of three months asked her to loan him $5,000, she denied his request. He then became furious and accused her of being selfish. 

“My boyfriend and I have been dating for about three months,” she wrote. “We both love each other very much and I see a future with him. He immigrated to my home country about three years ago and is on a student visa, meaning that he has to pay exorbitant visa fees and full-fee student fees. His parents do not financially support him. I’ve always admired and respected his ambitions. He was recently talking to me about money problems and basically asked if I could loan him $5,000.” 

She, however, didn’t want to lend him the money due to circumstances in her life. 

“I’m extremely protective over my money as I work/study 24/7 to maintain my savings,” she explained. “Furthermore, my dad is planning to soon retire from the workforce after a heart attack, so I like having my savings as security, knowing that I could financially support him if needed. My boyfriend knows that I have about $55,000 saved up and he also knows that I don’t pay too many living expenses besides fuel, groceries and a phone bill. I told him that I wasn’t comfortable loaning him money this early in the relationship. He then flipped the conversation on me, getting angry at me because I’m planning on getting a breast augmentation, which will cost me $10,000 next year. He called me selfish for spending money on my body rather than him.” 

Reddit users were on the girlfriend’s side. 

“$5,000 is a massive loan for someone you know in this brief period,” someone commented

“I would end this relationship,” another added

“You just met this guy and he feels entitled to your money,” a person wrote.

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