Woman troubled by boyfriend’s ‘manipulative’ relationship prank: ‘You literally could not get a bigger red flag’

A woman is upset with her boyfriend after a terrible prank gone wrong.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. Her boyfriend likes to prank people, although she isn’t a big fan. One day he told her they should put their relationship on hold for a month. But when she, oblivious to the joke, took his request seriously, her boyfriend insulted her. 

“My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year,” she explained. “The relationship is fine. We’ve had a few problems, but we were able to work them out quickly. My boyfriend is quite childish, and he likes to prank me. We both have different ideas on what we consider a prank. My boyfriend came over last night, and we were just watching Netflix in my room. Out of nowhere, he asks if it’s OK if we take a break for a month. He said he wanted to work on himself. Starting tomorrow, he will be working seven days a week. He initially said that, during this month, we would not speak to each other, but we would remain exclusive. He then went on to say that we would still see each other once a week, but he wouldn’t be saying that he loves me as much anymore because he doesn’t. This is where I got a little mad.”

The woman didn’t know he was pranking her when she responded to his idea. 

“I told him that if he felt that way, then we should just break up,” she wrote. “I said that a month’s break is not going to fix that. He looked shocked and asked me if I was serious. He told me that he was just pranking me and that I need to chill out. He said that I was rude for immediately suggesting that we break up. I made it very clear afterward that I didn’t like his pranks, but he still thinks I was an a** for what I said. So AITA for getting mad at him for pranking me?”

“You literally could not get a bigger red flag. [The] dude sounds manipulative,” a user commented

“He told you he didn’t love you as much. How is that a prank?” one person wrote

“I would honestly consider actually breaking up after a ‘prank’ like that,” someone added

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