Woman stunned by boyfriend’s ‘repulsive’ attitude about meeting her grandparents: ‘You deserve better’

A 22-year-old woman can’t convince her 30-year-old boyfriend (BF) to take off his hat. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in on the issue. Her boyfriend is meeting her grandparents, who are strict about manners. They don’t allow anyone to wear a hat at the dinner table. When she told her boyfriend this, he refused to take it off and threw a fit. 

“I have been in a relationship with my BF for 6 months now (casually dating for much longer), and my family has been itching to meet him,” she wrote. “He has very long, armpit length hair that he rarely brushes, to the point where large mats will form, so he almost always wears a hat. He’ll be meeting my grandparents for the first time.”

“Yesterday, I was chatting with my dad, and he [asked] ‘does he always wear hats?’ I explained that yes, he is almost always wearing a hat. My dad then went on to explain that his parents (the aforementioned grandparents) had a very strict no hats at the dinner table rule when he was growing up. So it would behoove my BF to take off his hat during dinner out of respect/general table manners.”

The more she tried to reason why her boyfriend, the more upset he seemed to get.

“That night, I tried to casually explain this to my BF, and he became very upset,” she explained. “He got really defensive and raised his voice, saying things like, ‘I don’t like to be told what to do.’ I texted my dad, ‘Are [grandparents] really gonna care that much if he wears his hat at dinner?’ He responded, ‘Yes. Sorry.’ Today I sent my BF the screenshot of the exchange.”

“He responded with, and this is verbatim, ‘Why did you try. That makes it worse… Why the f*** would you ask your dad such a dumb question like that? … I’m mad. That’s just completely setting me up to be in an awkward position at this dinner that I’m already not thrilled about.’ His response was so repulsive to me that it’s been several hours, and I still haven’t responded.”

Redditors thought the boyfriend was being ridiculous. 

“Girl, move on. You deserve better,” a person wrote

“He doesn’t practice basic hygiene like brushing his hair and he’s upset that he looks bad? This sounds like an exhausting future for you,” another said

“I would absolutely drop a person over something as disrespectful as this,” a user commented

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