Woman confronts boyfriend after noticing ‘shady’ detail on his Instagram page: ‘I would be very suspicious’

A woman is wondering if she should even bother with a boyfriend who she thinks might be cheating on her

She shared her story on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to get some insight. When her boyfriend went on vacation, she noticed a woman he was friends with on Instagram was at all the same places as him. She confronted him, and his reaction was baffling. 

“I have been with my boyfriend for the past six or seven months,” she wrote. “I want to say I’m pretty chill. I don’t really bother him when he goes out with his friends or ask who he’s hanging out with. I don’t even know half of his plans some of the time because I trust him. I’m very open with him. If something is bothering me, I will tell him, then we hash it out and move on. We’ve never gotten into a huge argument before.”

“My boyfriend is always traveling for work, family, etc. … Recently, some girl popped up on my Instagram as “a girl I might know.” I clicked on her page and noticed she was mutual friends with my boyfriend. On her page, I noticed selfies of her at the same exact locations (somewhere abroad), at the same time my boyfriend was there. He, too, has selfies at those same exact locations. Mind you, she doesn’t live there.”

The more she thought about the situation, the more suspicious it seemed.

“I remember looking at his selfie when he got back from that trip and noticed a red mark on his neck,” he said. “I asked him what that was on his neck, and he said idk, my psoriasis, and I brushed it off. I went back to look at that photo again, and zooming into it, it looks like he blurred his neck. I was really trying not to overthink, but I went and asked him. I asked him kindly who she was, did he meet up with her, and why does it look like you blurred your neck in this photo. I wanted to just hear what he said.”

“He said, ‘She’s a friend, we went to so-and-so together, she was there for work, and so was I.’ He then said it was ridiculous that I would think he blurred his neck and that I was digging just to find something. He continued saying, ‘I’m shocked you think I’d do that.’ He brought up issues in the past that I had no idea bothered him, and I’m hearing about it now. He wants to now have a mini break from me and to think if we should end this.”

People felt the couple was doomed from the start. 

“You guys aren’t compatible. It’s clear as day. Stop wasting his time, and please stop wasting yours. Find someone who won’t be shady like this,” someone wrote

“I would be very suspicious, and honestly, he doesn’t sound like he’s interested, and I would leave him,” another commented

“He’s lying, and that’s that,” a person said

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