Woman concerned after watching boyfriend ‘smash’ her computer keyboard while playing video games: ‘What do I do?’

A woman is unsure how to handle an outburst by her boyfriend. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum for help. Her boyfriend recently moved in with her after losing his job, but he refused to do any household chores and behaved like a slob. When she asked him to contribute, he completely lashed out at her. 

“So me and my boyfriend have been living together because of COVID-19,” she explained. “When he lost his job, I asked him to move in with me. We have been together for 10 years now, so this seemed like the next inevitable step. But since we have been living together, things have gotten slightly out of hand.

“He is a very messy person, leaves dirty dishes on the living room table, spills coffee and never cleans up, leaves dirty underwear in the bathroom, etc. I have been cleaning up after him, but I almost had enough when I decided to talk to him about this, and he just blew up all over me.”

But when she confronted him about the issue, he became angry and destructive. 

“He got angry while talking to me and smashed the keyboard of my computer on which he was playing a video game,” she wrote. “I was so pissed because that was my work computer, which I let him borrow when I wasn’t working. He has never gotten angry or even remotely aggressive with me. He was never this messy, either. He is generally a very agreeable human being.

“Ever since moving in together, he has become a whole different person. And when I asked him to leave, I knew he had nowhere to go. We live in a big city, and our hometown is 300 miles away. Due to COVID restrictions, we can’t really go anywhere. He looked hurt and stared at me when I eventually realized what I had said. I asked him to stay and apologized, but I think the damage is done. What do I do?”

Redditors thought the boyfriend’s behavior was a huge red flag. 

“It’s his house, too. He should do chores unprompted without you having to manage him,” a user wrote

 “He acted aggressively when called out and broke your property,” another said

“You did him a favor. He abused it,” someone commented

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