Woman furious over boyfriend’s ‘unbearable’ movie-watching habits: ‘[You] should dump him’

A woman is upset with her boyfriend, who keeps spoiling movies they watch together. 

She shared the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Movies are the Reddit user’s passion, but her boyfriend Andy spoils every film they watch. She confronted him about it and he agreed to stop. But the next time they watched a film together, he was back to his old ways. 

“I’m a movie lover,” she wrote. “I love watching TV shows and movies. My boyfriend Andy and I have movie night every Thursday. He has a habit of Googling spoilers whenever we’re watching a movie for the first time. It may not be a big deal but… I hate it! So far he’s ruined over 14 (what would’ve been) great watching experiences. He did it again after I had a talk with him about it. He says he just can’t help it but I said I can’t let him ruin the one thing I’m so madly interested in. He said I was right and promised he won’t do it again. Heck! He even promised he won’t keep his phone with him and will leave it elsewhere.”

But Andy struggled to keep his promise to her at their next Thursday movie night.

“This past Thursday he came over to my place so we could watch a new movie together,” she explained. “Andy’s phone was in the kitchen so I didn’t have to worry when he started moving in the sofa looking uncomfortable. I turned my face and saw Andy had my phone in his hand and was seemingly looking up spoilers for the movie. He promised he won’t spoil it for me and I can trust him this time to not say anything. He kept harassing me asking if I wanted him to tell me what was going to happen at the end. I said no. Minutes later he spoke up and said, ‘Hey babe I just wanted to tell you that XYZ will happen at the end.’ I blew up. I yelled calling him unbearable and selfish to have ruined yet another great movie-watching experience. I said I was done and canceled our movie night and will have a girl[s’] night in with my girls instead. He got offended saying [I] overreacted over a movie and that he was hurt.”

Reddit users thought Andy was completely in the wrong. 

“OP should dump him,” one person wrote

“Do not date someone who can’t control themselves from making you miserable,” another said

“Do not date someone that spoils life’s little pleasures for you,” someone responded.

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