Woman reaches ‘breaking point’ over her husband’s ‘childish’ at-home behavior: ‘A big red flag’

A woman can’t believe her husband won’t stop using the fake language he made up. 

The wife asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” (AITA) forum. Her husband has been speaking in made-up words for a year and a half. She reached her limit when his speech started affecting their toddler’s ability to learn to speak properly. But when she tried to talk to him about it, she dismissed him. 

“AITA for being a breaking point with my husband’s made-up language,” the wife said. “My husband has always been a bit goofy, giving his own names to things and doing impressions. About 18 months ago, this started to increase a lot. It’s now a constant presence in our lives, and I’m finding it difficult to live with. He has about 30 to 40 everyday words that he insists on using in place of normal ones. Skuppers (with a rising whistle at the end) is ‘yes,’ bing (with a descending whistle) is ‘no’ and bagayaya is ‘goodnight.’ He CONSTANTLY does weird sound impersonations, not like celebrities or characters, but a single noise that’s a made-up sound or something childish like a fart from a children’s TV show.”

She confronted her husband about his language and it didn’t go well.

“I’ve just had enough,” she wrote. “We got into bed the other night and I said ‘goodnight’ and he said ‘bagayaya’ in the high-pitched voice he always does it in. I snapped and asked why he couldn’t just speak to me normally. And he just laughed and came right up close to my face and did it again. His whistling is constant. He speaks to our kid in this stupid language, and I’m worried it’s going to confuse normal language development because he changes the words so often. Our toddler could be about to hurt themselves and instead of saying ‘no’ or ‘come here,’ he’ll say some ridiculous made-up word or sound and then get annoyed when our kid doesn’t know what he wants. I told him it needs to stop. He got upset and said I couldn’t take a joke and that I’m not fun anymore.” 

Reddit users thought the husband should address the issue. 

“It sounds like [he] is behaving this way specifically to be annoying, and is enjoying her frustration, which is a big red flag,” someone wrote.

“This dude is just freaking annoying,” another said.

“This is my first time saying this on Reddit but DIVORCE HIM IF HE DOESN’T STOP!” a user said

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