Bride-to-be faces backlash after asking her husband to lie about how they met: ‘Sure you want to marry her?’

A man is uncomfortable with the lies his fiancée wants him to tell to her friends and family.

He shared his dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum. His fiancée wants him to lie at their wedding about how they met. They really met on a dating app, but instead, she wants him to say it was love at first sight at a coffee shop. The fiancée is threatening to call off the wedding if he doesn’t agree to her terms. 

“I met my fiancée online on a dating app. We have been together for two years now and got engaged recently,” he wrote. “However, she keeps telling me that during the wedding, she wants me to give a speech talking about how I met her while she was working at a coffee shop, and [that] I was so attracted to her that it was love at first sight, and [that] I immediately asked her to be my girlfriend.

“She says that this makes her look better and will make her look good to her friends if I say that she was so beautiful that I immediately asked her out. To clarify, she is saying I have to say that I asked her to be my girlfriend right at the counter, without even having any sort of conversation with her first.

“I feel very uncomfortable with this untrue version of events,” he explained. “I am uncomfortable with this portrayal of myself as some sort of creep who asked a complete stranger to be my girlfriend. There are other lies that she wants me to go along with, too. For example, I inherited a house from my grandparents, but she is asking me to tell all her friends and family that I myself paid for and ‘bought her’ the house because she is so special.

“After I said no, she has been saying that I care more about the opinions of other people than how she feels and that she is reconsidering if she wants to be with someone who isn’t on her side. She knows that my friends and family know I inherited the house and that we met on a dating app, but she says I have to warn them not to say anything and pretend to believe me at the wedding. She gave me an ultimatum that we won’t get married if I don’t agree and hasn’t talked to me for days.”

Redditors thought the fiancée raised some red flags.

“She sounds a little off. Sure you want to marry her?” someone wrote

“Huge red flag that she is putting your engagement on the line for this,” another said

“I would not marry someone this dishonest,” a user commented

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