Bride faces backlash after trying to ‘control’ her granddaughter’s wedding attire: ‘She’s just jealous’

A woman is wondering if she dressed inappropriately at her grandmother’s wedding

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to discuss the situation. At her grandmother’s previous wedding, she was told to tone down her makeup. This time around, she went for a more natural look. But when her grandmother saw the wedding photos, she accused the Reddit poster of upstaging her. 

“This past weekend she got married to her boyfriend of a couple years. This is her fifth wedding,” she wrote. “The last time she got married, I was a junior in high school and wore a cranberry strapless dress that my grandma purchased for me, very much in line with the cocktail dress code. I didn’t try to do this, but in hindsight, I wore makeup that was too much for a wedding.”

“One of the granddaughters of the husband she was marrying then pulled me aside and told me I did too much, and that I should wipe the makeup off before photos. I was extremely embarrassed. For this wedding, my grandma reminded me that I should do a very toned-down look and not upstage her at this wedding. These days, I don’t wear nearly as much makeup as I used to, so I went with my daily makeup routine. I paired this with a navy blue dress that I tried my best to match my grandma’s request that the dress code is in-between casual and cocktail.”

But her outfit didn’t appear to be an issue until her grandmother got the wedding photos back. 

“My grandma didn’t say anything about how I looked during the wedding, nor did anyone else,” she explained. “So I assumed I did a good job of making sure she was still in the spotlight. However, today she got some of the photos back from her friend who was taking them. She said that I was the standout in all of the photos and it was a very tacky move to try to get all of the attention on me when it was her wedding.”

“I apologized and said I tried to be as toned down as possible while still looking presentable, she said the right move would have been to wear no makeup at all and wear a more conservative pantsuit. I feel really bad, I didn’t mean to wreck a special day for her, and in hindsight, maybe I should have approved my dress and makeup with her before the wedding.” 

Redditors sided with the granddaughter on this one. 

“If she’s jealous of your youth and can’t control herself, that’s on her,” someone wrote

“She’s just jealous because you’re still young,” another said

“You did nothing wrong. She is ridiculous,” a person replied

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