Bride-to-be faces backlash over ‘ridiculous’ surprise wedding rule: ‘That’s next-level insane’

A bride’s wedding was ruined when she didn’t let guests know of her policy before the ceremony. 

Her sibling explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The bride didn’t allow children at her first wedding. When she was getting married a second time, she assumed all the guests would remember the policy of her first ceremony. But on the day of the wedding, tons of children showed up with their parents. 

“My sister got married a second time,” the Reddit poster commented. “She doesn’t really like kids that much. So when planning her wedding she decided that it was gonna be child-free. A thing about my sister is that she’s really good at keeping pretty much everyone in her life. Most people invited are people who she knew since college and family. Most of these people also went to her first wedding so she assumed that they knew that the wedding, just like the first one, was going to be child-free” 

But the bride’s assumption blew up in her face on the day of the wedding. 

“Fast forward to the wedding and she invited around 500 people,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She noticed most people brought their kids. Every time someone showed up, she would say something along the lines of: ‘Sorry but kids aren’t allowed in this wedding.’ Then one of three things would happen:

“1. Both the parents leave and didn’t bother to come back. 2. One of the parents stayed and the other one didn’t bother to come back. 3. The parents dropped the kid(s) off and came back.

“The first two options happened way more than the third. In the end, she ended [up] planning a wedding for 500 people but only 90 to 100 were actually there. She was visibly upset during the wedding. The next day she even cried. I tried to comfort her while telling her that she should’ve maybe warned people in advance. Turns out that was the wrong move because she’s ignored me for days now.” 

Reddit posters thought the debacle was entirely the bride’s fault. 

“That’s next level insane,” a user wrote

“Assuming that people will remember your previous wedding is ridiculous,” another said

“She was an idiot and left out the most important information for her wedding attendance,” a user commented

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