Bride-to-be disinvites mom from ceremony over her ‘deliberately cruel’ wedding gift: ‘Your mother is a bully’

A bride-to-be can’t believe how her mother treated her fiancé, so she shared her situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum.

Her mom has always teased her fiancé Kevin. What really bothered Kevin was when her mom mocked him for not having facial hair. When she talked to her mother about the teasing, it stopped — until the mom played a hurtful prank on Kevin. Now the bride-to-be is furious. 

“I am getting married to my fiancé Kevin,” the bride-to-be explained. “My family loves Kevin and Kevin loves them. My mom is the ‘brutally honest’ type. When she met Kevin, she kept making comments about him, his car, his degree, etc. She kept annoying Kevin by constantly talking about his hairless face. Mom made jokes with her husband about how ‘unmanly’ it is to not be able to grow a beard or a mustache. Those comments hurt Kevin so much. I had a very, very stern conversation with her. She ended up sincerely apologizing to Kevin and we left it at that.” 

Things settled down — until her mom said she bought Kevin a gift. 

“Mom decided to give Kevin a wedding gift and also to let him know how sorry she was for her past behavior,” the bride-to-be said. “She invited the whole family for dinner and decided it was the perfect time to hand Kevin his wedding gift. He opened the box and found a set of shaving tools with shaving cream. Kevin stopped for a sec and kept staring at the gift. My stepdad took it and showed everyone. Then mom and others started laughing while stepdad kept saying, ‘You get the joke, Kev? You get it?’ Kevin got up and walked out. I was so mad I lost it on mom. I angrily said, ‘No apology, no wedding invitation, period,’ then walked out. She freaked out, trying to say we overreacted to a joke, and my brother said I was crazy to exclude mom from my wedding over something so stupid.” 

Reddit users thought the mom was clearly in the wrong. 

“People do something deliberately cruel and then claim ‘joke’ to excuse their cruelty,” one person said

“Stand your ground and don’t let them give you any more crap,” another wrote

“Your mother is a bully,” someone commented.

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