Bride sparks controversy with her ‘exhausting’ dress reveal idea: ‘Could you really not imagine this going wrong?’

A maid of honor is wondering if she should take the fall for the bride’s bad idea. 

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. The bride wanted to do a big dress reveal during the wedding. But when the bride miscalculated and ended up ruining her wedding dress, she expected the maid of honor to take the blame. 

“Two weeks ago, my best friend Katie got married,” she wrote. “I was the maid of honor (MOH). For her wedding day, Katie chose one of those two-in-one gowns that switch between being a massive tulle ball gown for the wedding and a slinky tight mermaid gown for the reception because it has a detachable tulle skirt layer. Katie is a very showy and extra person, something that I adore about her. She decided that during the reception, she’d step out of her detachable tulle skirt and reveal the underlying mermaid gown in a dramatic fashion in front of the guests. 

“We tried to brainstorm reveal ideas together, and she came up with one that was very risky but as dramatic and sensational as Katie herself. She wanted me to ‘accidentally’ spill wine all over her skirt and act panicked and horrified by my own clumsiness, while she’d act like she was very mad at me. When the commotion it would cause is at its peak, she’ll unsnap her tulle skirt and let it fall to reveal the inner reception dress.”

But on the wedding day, the big reveal turned into one big fail. 

“The moment of the ‘costume change’ arrived,” the maid of honor said. “I spilled the wine on her skirt. It wasn’t a lot, but it was a substantial amount. As predicted, there was a hurried commotion to help out the bride. People were convinced, and I’d assumed Katie wouldn’t drag out the acting bit for more than a few seconds, but she seemed intent on fully selling the act. I started to worry and touched the buckle on the back to tell her she should remove it now. But it was too late — a good amount of the wine had already seeped through and stained the dress.

“It was a cringe moment since the reveal was a total fail, and to make things worse, the groom’s friends started laughing at her, and Katie was very upset. Two weeks later, Katie is still mad at me. I thought we talked it out before she left, but nope. She’s still mad and wants an apology. I told her this was essentially her fault, not mine, and I won’t be taking responsibility for it.”

Redditors thought the blunder was the bride’s fault but that the poster could have had better foresight. 

“Could you really not imagine this going wrong?” someone wrote

“Katie sounds exhausting,” another commented

“Bad idea of the bride’s backfired,” a person said

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