Bride faces backlash over her reaction to sister’s wedding day attire: ‘[She] needs to get over herself’

A woman accidentally wore a dress the same color as her half-sister’s wedding gown at the family event.

She explained the debacle on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She and her half-sister never got along. At first, she didn’t expect to be invited to the wedding, but when she was, her parents pressured her to go. She asked about the dress code beforehand and was only told not to dress too sexy. However, when she showed up to the wedding wearing a pink dress, chaos ensued. 

“Our mothers never got along, we never got along, lots of drama,” the Reddit poster said. “I never expected her to invite me to her wedding. I know I would not invite her to mine. I wasn’t even planning on attending, but my dad and our other siblings insisted that I should go. I was not included in any of the planning, obviously, and besides telling me not to dress too sexy, I wasn’t told anything else.” 

She wore a short, dark pink dress to the ceremony. Apparently, this was too similar to the wedding dress for the bride. 

“Well, the wedding came, I attended with my dress, a pink dress (my favorite color),” she explained. “My half-sister went crazy. Her dress was pink (she always hated that color and made fun of me for liking it and being too girly). Think a baby pink, close to white, totally looked like your classic wedding dress. Mine was a shorter dress, a darker pink, but my sister threw a huge tantrum about how I ruined her day and took the spotlight [away from] her. The wedding was beautiful, and everything went well, but she got super mad, [and] our dad and her mom got upset at me [and] so did our siblings. I didn’t know I couldn’t wear pink. I didn’t know about her dress (I had asked before to be nice, no one told me), and they didn’t look similar.” 

Reddit users thought the poster did nothing wrong.

“The bride needs to get over herself and grow up,” a user commented.

“They told you nothing whatsoever, and you aren’t a mind reader,” another wrote

“Your sister chose drama. That’s on her,” a person said

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