Bridesmaid debates quitting wedding party over bride’s pre-ceremony demands: ‘Get out of this situation right now’

A woman is second-guessing her choice to be a bridesmaid after the bride started making unbelievable demands. 

She shared the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her friend Katie is getting married, and it’s driving people away. Katie kicked people out of the wedding for getting engaged and prohibited anyone from getting pregnant. Now she is making fun of the Reddit poster’s daughter’s dark skin. 

“I was asked to be a replacement bridesmaid for my friend Katie’s wedding,” she explained. “I was excited to be a part of her wedding until I learned more and more. I was pregnant when she asked me to be a part of her wedding. Since I have joined, five people have dropped out due to her attitude and high expectations.”

“Well, Katie is upset because of everyone dropping out and the number of people she has kicked out. She wants everyone to drop everything this year for her wedding. She kicked one personal attendant out for getting engaged.”

Katie’s rules banned the wedding party from getting engaged or pregnant. She expected the bridesmaids to cover the cost of the bachelorette party, buy multiple outfits, be on-call throughout the day and give her gifts at every event.

“The rough estimate for everything she wants was around two grand on the low end,” the bridesmaid wrote. “I’m two weeks postpartum, and [Katie] came to take my baby’s newborn pictures as I had hired her. When she came, she insulted my weight multiple times and reminded me I need to lose my baby weight before her wedding.” 

“She then proceeded to insult my infant daughter. She said it was sad she looked like my ‘hillbilly’ boyfriend and that her skin tone was really dark, implying it was a bad thing. My boyfriend is half Native, and when I told her that, she backtracked really quickly on her comment. However, she began to make fun of my skin tone because I am a redhead and quite pale. She keeps commenting on Facebook posts of my daughter about her looks.” 

Redditors thought Katie was being a bridezilla. 

“Get out of this situation right now,” someone wrote

“There is not a single [one] of those expectations that wouldn’t, on its own, make me drop out immediately,” another said

“I’ll be surprised if the bride is left with any friends after this,” a user commented

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