Bride-to-be faces backlash over her ‘ridiculous’ wedding gift demand: ‘That’s some next-level entitlement’

A woman agreed to make her friend, who’s getting married, a cross-stitch for the wedding. But then the bride-to-be got greedy. 

The woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. She spent a year making a huge framed cross-stitch for the bride. But after the expensive and painstaking work, the bride still expected the Reddit poster to purchase a wedding present. 

“I (34F) have a friend who is getting married next month,” she wrote. “A year ago, after the wedding was announced, the Bride (34F) pulled me aside and showed me a pattern for a I Corinthians 13 cross stitch sampler she said she wanted me to do to ‘commemorate the wedding.'”

“I agreed, despite knowing it would be a lot of work, and I would have to add to the pattern, because it didn’t have an area to put a date on it, which she wanted. Cut to now, and it is finished. It is framed. It is 15″ by 25″ and I am glad I never have to look at this thing under a headlamp again.”

“Bride contacts me tonight, and says that she noticed I haven’t bought anything off the registry yet, and because she knows I’m on a very low income, I should hurry and get a gift before all the affordable ones are taken,” the Redditor wrote. “I told her I wasn’t getting her anything off of the registry. That before framing the cost for materials for the cross stitch was around $75 and the framing was well over that, and that I can’t afford to buy her anything else off of her registry.”

“Bride then said that as a guest I’m required to bring a gift. I said I am bringing her a gift, and one that I worked very hard on, on linen with silk threads that she requested. She said that it didn’t count because she asked me to do it. I said that registries are basically the same thing, asking for specific things you want, and she called me an a****** and hung up.” 

Redditors thought the bride was being obnoxious. 

“That’s some next-level entitlement,” a user wrote

“Bride is being absolutely ridiculous,” another said

“Please don’t give her the piece. Skip the wedding,” a TikToker replied

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