Maid of honor calls out bride over her ‘ridiculous’ wedding rules: ‘My fiance is not invited’

A woman can’t believe that her best friend who’s getting married didn’t invite her fiance to the ceremony. 

She asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She has been with her fiance for 10 years, and they are expecting a child. Her best friend got engaged after six months but insists the reason the Reddit poster’s fiance isn’t invited is that the relationship won’t last. 

“AITA for refusing to be my best friend’s maid of honor (MOH) after she told me my fiance is not invited to the wedding?” she wrote. “I’ve been dating my fiance for 10 years, and we’re expecting a baby. We’ll elope before the baby arrives. My best friend is getting married in a month. She’s been with her fiance for a year, and they got engaged within six months. Once they got engaged around April, she asked me to be her MOH. She then started telling me the plans about how she plans on having a huge celebration with 200+ guests. Naturally, I assumed my fiance would be invited — my best friend has known him for 10 years, and they’re also friendly. Most of our friends are married, so their spouses get an automatic invite.”

But it turns out the Reddit poster’s expectations were totally off base. 

“I told her about the suit my fiance bought,” she said. “She told me, ‘Ummm, I never told you X is invited, though?’ We’re expecting a kid together, and I’ve been with him for 10 years, while we’re also planning to get eloped in [a] few months. She objected and said she didn’t invite him because she doesn’t see our relationship as valid if it took us so long to make our relationship legal, and how if we’ve been waiting 10 years to take the next step, then our relationship bond is probably not that strong. [I] told her that that’s not her decision to make, and she doesn’t get to decide whether my relationship is valid or not. I told her she’s being ridiculous, assuming that we might break up based on her bizarre beliefs. I’m dropping the MOH role because I refuse to be disrespected like that and told her she can search for someone new to torture but not me.” 

Redditors thought the friend was completely wrong.

“That’s a bridezilla and a terrible friend,” a user said

“I wouldn’t attend the wedding at all,” another commented

“Better to lose her now if she is that judgmental,” someone added.

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